I am truly humbled to be recognized for my past accomplishments and the legacy of being a strong labor leader who stood up for the men and women I represented and paid the ultimate price for it! Over the years I have had many PBA Members, Presidents and State Delegates throughout the state who thanked me for all my contributions to the state PBA that their members currently enjoy today such as The State PBA Legal Protection Plan that I Co-Chaired Bruce Polkowitz, Delegate from Edison and then Ronald Cohan, Delegate from Highland Park. Click this Link- see my Intro Letters 5-10-1993 State PBA Legal Protection Plan Announcement & 9-13-1996.  I was always known as a tireless worker fighting for the rights of all law enforcement officers that is why I founded The State PBA Corrections Officers Committee and was elected its first Chairman to fix many of the inequities. Over the years I advocated for all law enforcement officer, not just correction officers. Here are some of the issues and letters I worked on as COC Chairman  Click this Link- see my Letters 7-29-1991, 2-13-1992, 2-15-1994, 10-25-1996 & 1-4-1997 as you can clearly see, I am passionate and fight for what is in the best interest of all PBA members and the law enforcement community as a whole! I am truly blessed to have family, friends and business associates who helped me through my entire ordeal, unfortunately not every officer has that type of support that I had, That is why the Police Officers Brotherhood was formed to bring back the true meaning of the word  “Brotherhood.” Their Motto is “We have your Back” and “Together we can make the thin Blue line Stronger.” Within a short period, the POB has helped law enforcement officer throughout the state regardless of law enforcement title or union affiliation totaling well over $100,000 in donations.  

Together, we can make the thin blue line stronger