The Mission of the National Law Enforcement Police Officers Brotherhood is to bring the front line law enforcement officer together with the public (civilians) to form an alliance that supports and protects law enforcement officers, their profession and the victims of violent crimes to help improve the safety and social welfare of law enforcement officers, their families, and the citizens of the United States of America. We engage in a broad range of fundraising activities to provide financial support in the form of donations for law enforcement causes. These donations help support special causes for the law enforcement community and a variety of institutions and organizations. We are not a Labor Union or lobbying group and do not compete with labor organizations such as the State PBA, State FOP or the STFA. Our main purpose is to unite all law enforcement officers throughout the United States to help our brothers / sisters in blue regardless of their union affiliation to bring back the true meaning of “The brotherhood”.

Together, we can make the thin blue line stronger

About Us:
The Police Officers’ Brotherhood is an independent non-profit law enforcement organization that lends its support to officers and their families during their time of need or crisis. The POB is governed by active and retired/former law enforcement officers who volunteer their time in order to achieve the goals of the brotherhood. Our membership is comprised of officers throughout the United States as well as concerned citizens and businesses in support of the law enforcement community. Our memberships dues help run day to day operation and rely on generous donations from the public to help support our organizations operations, programs and services. The POB does not receive taxpayer dollars and due to its particular tax status, your donation is not tax deductible. The POB actively supports the Blue Mass for those officers killed in the line of duty who made the ultimate sacrifice. The POB over the years has given thousands of dollars in support of the law enforcement community and its causes. With your help we will be able to expand our programs and services to reach more officers and families that will need our help in the future.