This page is displayed in memory of Michael Sica, Sr., President & Founding Father to the organizational brotherhood concept and programs.

Dear Friend and Supporter,

My name is Michael Sica, Sr., and I am the President of the New Jersey Law Enforcement Police Brotherhood. I retired from the City of Newark as a Police Officer with approximately 28 years of law enforcement experience. During my career, I’ve worked in many different law enforcement units and assignments such as:

Police Patrol, Mayor’s Body Guard [Dignitary Protection], Detective Vice-Gambling, Detective Homicide Squad, Detective Rapid Robbery Squad, Prisoner Detention Bureau (Cell Block) and Court Liaison Officer for 9 (nine) Municipal Court Judges.

As you can see I've worked many different facets of our law enforcement community. There are similar duties that my career has touched on, such as Correction Officer, Sheriff Officer, Parole Officer, and Law Enforcement Tactical Units. They all serve a very important and integral part of our fight on crime. All of our Law Enforcement Officers who serve in the many different Law Enforcement titles have a very tough and dangerous job when serving the taxpayers of the state of New Jersey. Every man and woman in uniform places his or her life on the line every day in one way or another to serve and protect you, the public. They need to know that their efforts are appreciated and we will support them and commend them for a job well done under the circumstances.

Joined Newark Police Department in 1963 and served for 28 years.

In today’s society, there are too many political agendas, special interest groups who are constantly criticizing our Law Enforcement Profession. Many of our Law Enforcement officers are frustrated because they are trying to do the best job

Michael Sica, Sr. sits at the president’s desk signing paperwork at New Jersey Law Enforcement Police Brotherhood Office/Headquarters located in New Jersey.

that they possibly can to serve and protect the public, but too many times their decisions, actions, and split-second reactions are constantly ridiculed and second-guessed by the news media and public special interest groups. I am of the adage, "Until you have walked a mile in my shoes, who are you to judge?"

Most of the time these charges and accusations are made before a thorough investigation can be completed. Without a proper investigation, this does a disservice to the officer and you the public. Once you take into consideration all of the Law Enforcement Agencies with hundreds of thousands of officers taking police action and arrests throughout the Nation on a daily basis, these few complaints should be put into perspective and not tarnish the entire law enforcement community. Unfortunately, with social media, most of the time just a snippet of video is shown and not the entire situation is taken into account. They are therefore fueling the fires with innacurate reporting which ultimately becomes a rush to judgement based on misleading and inaccurate information. Officers are usually suspended without pay until a thorough investigation can be completed. Whatever happened to due process?

The Brotherhood was formed with the front line law enforcement officers and victims of crimes in mind. Our organization’s main goals and objectives are to assist law enforcement officers, their families and victims of crimes during their time of need or crisis. We stand up for the rights of all law enforcement officers, NJ Citizens and the victims of crimes by supporting tough anti-crime legislation and policies that protect law enforcement officers and the victims of crimes. Take your time and browse through our website to learn more about our organization. We welcome any assistance that you may be able to provide. Thank you and God Bless.